3D printing the human heart

Researchers have published a new 3D bioprinting method that brings the field of tissue engineering one step closer to being able to 3D print a full-sized, adult human heart.

Mobile 3D bioprinter can print skin to heal wounds

U.S. Scientists have created a mobile skin 3D bioprinting system that allows bi-layered skin to be printed directly into a wound. This treatment could help in the healing of large wounds or burns.

First 3D-printed human corneas

The first human corneas have been 3D printed by scientists at Newcastle University, UK. It means the technique could be used in the future to ensure an unlimited supply of corneas.

A significant breakthrough in the field of 3D bio-printing

A team of UK researchers has developed a special fluid gel that can be used as a medium for suspension of biological material. This will solve a problem faced by scientists attempting to replicate soft human tissue.

Growing organs a few ink drops at a time

Researchers refine method of making bio-ink droplets stick to each other, enabling 3D printing of highly complex biological structures with a wide variety of cell types using inkjet printers.

Nanostructure 3D printing mimics bio-materials

Printing of metal structures with complex 3D architectures will have a variety of uses from batteries to biological scaffolds.

Aether 3D Bioprinter - Bioprinting Bone with Graphene and Stem Cells

Aether 1 3D Bioprinter prototype unit shown. Aether 1 beta units are set to be released summer 2016.