Russia launches international X-ray astronomy mission

Launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan on Saturday, Spektr-RG will detect X-ray emissions from across the sky, including those from huge clusters of galaxies. It could help astronomers better understand dark energy.

Climate change make Siberia more habitable

Large parts of Asian Russia could become habitable by the late 21st century due to climate change, new research has found. Scientists used current and predicted climate scenarios to examine the climate comfort of Asian Russia.

A 122-Day Simulated Moon Mission

The SIRIUS-19 experiment recently kicked off in Russia, with six cosmonauts entering a simulated lunar environment (where they will spend the next 122 days conducting experiments).

Excessive Pollution Causes Toxic Black Snowfall In Siberia

Three cities in the coal-mining region in Siberia have turned into a ghostly dark snowscape after being covered with black snow. The blame has been pointed at coal plants which have failed to filter its fumes.

Russia Boasts Compact Deploy-Anywhere Supercomputer

The compute module is said to provide record capacity for the space industry as well as the defense and industrial complex, using 40 percent less electricity than comparable solutions.

Russian University sets 2020 target for ultrasonic levitational 3D printer

Russian physicists are developing a new kind of ultrasonic 3D printing that uses levitation to lift small particles of foam plastic. The technique could eventually be used to 3D print hot or chemically aggressive solutions and substances.

Are gyroscopic vehicles the future of urban travel?

A Russian design company has created futuristic gyroscopic pods to provide a radical new green solution for cities looking to curb urban transportation problems.

Researchers find sunscreen becomes ‘toxic’ when exposed to chlorine

Chlorine mixed with sunscreen has been found to result in kidney and liver dysfunctions, as well as nervous system disorders.

Russia's Solar Energy given the all clear to develop 90 MW of solar plants

The Russian solar group has been granted to right to build six solar power plants, each with a 15 MW capacity, in Russia's southern Astrakhan Region, according to a statement from the regional government.

Russia: destination - Mars!

A new word is launched in Russia: a Marsonaut. The six members of the simulation programme for a visit to Mars have started the third phase of the experiment, namely a Mars landing followed by the first Mars walk. The Russian flag...