This New Plastic Disappears When You Don't Need It Anymore

Our reliance on plastic has become a huge problem, which is why researchers are excited about a new type of material  - one that comes with built-in biodegrading capabilities, due to the bacterial spores living inside it.

Scientists develop biodegradable food packaging

Say goodbye to plastic packaging. Scientists are testing a new biodegradable food packaging material that kills microbes that contaminate foods.

The world's truly first biodegradable and compostable plastic

U.S scientists claim to have developed a new plastic that can degrade by up to 98% in household compost in just few days, simply by adding heat and water. 

'Naming and shaming' is a powerful tool in the fight against plastic waste

We need to shift our focus to the drivers of waste and not allow them to blame us for not picking it up or sorting it properly. If packaging cannot be recycled or composted, it shouldn't be used.

US Company Launches 'Zero-Waste' Shopping Model

A new environmentally-friendly shopping model was recently launched at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. This shopping model, called Loop, aims to replace throwaway containers with reusable ones.

Nestlé targets 100% sustainable packaging by 2025

The company has joined the growing number of multinational companies, which are recognizing their crucial role in reducing the amount of global plastic waste.

EU unveils plan to make all plastic packaging recyclable by 2030

The EU wants to make all plastic packaging recyclable, reduce single-use plastic and restrict microplastics. The plan would "lay the foundations for a new plastic economy."

Company turns seaweed into edible & biodegradable packaging

One potential solution to the massive plastic pollution could come from Evoware, which makes seaweed-based packaging that is 100% biodegradable and edible as well.