Future of Work

The future of technological employment comes down to a key challenge of human-machine collaboration.

Guardian Of The Golden Gate Bridge, U.S. Has Saved More Than 200 Lives

For more than 20 years, Kevin Briggs has been preventing people from jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge through compassionate conversations.

Emerging Tech Will Create More Jobs Than It Kills by 2022

The advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence will make 75 million jobs obsolete by the year 2022. But the same report goes on to predict the creation of 133 million new jobs over the same period.

Renewable Energy Jobs Reach 10.3 Million Worldwide in 2017

The renewable energy industry created more than 500,000 new jobs globally in 2017, a 5.3 per cent increase from 2016, according to the latest figures released by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).

Tech Optimists See a Golden Future

Tech evangelists dream of a future when we’re all liberated from mundane work by artificial intelligence. In the long term, automation of labor might benefit the human species immensely.

Japan to replace retired workers with robots

Shimizu, the architectural and contracting company, is ready to trial three different autonomous construction robots.The robots will be used to fill the gap of the generation of Japanese workers entering retirement.

Coworking Grows Up, And So Does Its Population

Early coworking may have resembled workplaces populated by youthful Millennials working in tech. But coworking spaces have grown up.

Best coworking places around the world

Over the last two decades coworking evolved from its hackerspace roots into a full-fledged mainstream option for sharing office space across a diverse set of people and groups.

How Technology Is Leading Us Into the Imagination Age

The imagination age is a theoretical period beyond the information age where creativity and imagination will become the primary creators of economic value.

Richard Branson calls for universal basic income

Richard Branson has backed the introduction of a universal basic income and said it is crucial to tackling the rise of artificial intelligence (AI). Braanson said it could help protect people whose jobs will be lost as a result of new technology. 

Richard Branson backs universal basic income joining Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk

Richard Branson said universal basic income might be a valid method of dealing with the advent of technology reducing the overall number of jobs for workers.

Robots Are Replacing Human Workers at an Alarming Rate

We all know, or at least suspect, that robots are taking people’s jobs, but new research shows the dramatic degree to which industrial robots are replacing human workers and forcing down wages.

Meet Baxter, a robotic employee that mimics facial expressions

Robots tend to be far less expensive than their human counterparts and ready to work at the push of a button. They don't need lunch or coffee breaks, willingly take commands at the touch of a key, lift weights no human could, and don't complain about repetitive tasks.

In the age of robots, our schools are teaching children to be redundant

In the future, if you want a job, you must be as unlike a machine as possible: creative, critical and socially skilled. So why are children being taught to behave like machines?