World's largest autism study reveals 134 autism-linked genes

The study used whole genome sequencing to examine the entire genomes of over 7,000 individuals with autism. The team found 134 genes linked with ASD and discovered a range of genetic changes.

The Most Complete Human Genome of All Time

Scientists have filled in millions of missing pieces of human DNA, yielding the most complete, gapless sequence of the human genome ever produced, bar one tiny chromosome.

Scientists Fully Sequenced the Human X Chromosome

The sequencing of the human genome was one of the greatest scientific feats of the past century. Now for the first time scientists fully sequenced the human X chromosome.

Long-read sequencing 'illuminates' inaccessible parts of the genome

Now, for the first time, Stanford University researchers have used long-read, whole genome sequencing to diagnose a patient.

Oxford Nanopore announces groundbreaking GridION and MinION gene sequencers

( -- Oxford University spinoff company, Oxford Nonopore has announced at this year’s Advances in Genome Biology and Technology conference in Florida, two new machines for sequencing genes. Of particular note is the MinION, a machine small enough to fit in the hand which can be plugged into a laptop’s USB port. The other, the GridION, is a larger version that can be stacked to increase processing power. Both rely on a technology known as strand sequencing whereby a nanopore (engineered protein) is used to pull strands of DNA through a hole where a microchip measures minute changes in the electrical current in the membrane around it as individual bases, or pairs are pulled through. Because of the way it is done, much longer sections of DNA can be examined at once, doing away with the need to examine small sections independently and then knitting the results together with a computer afterwards.

Sequencing a human genome in one day for $1,000

Life Technologies Corporation announced Tuesday that it is taking orders for its new benchtop Ion Proton Sequencer, designed to sequence the entire human