Life on Mars seems very likely after recent Curiosity rover discovery

The mystery of life’s origins on Earth has long puzzled scientists, but a recent discovery on Mars might be shedding new light on this profound question, while also inching closer to finding life on Mars.

New 6G Wireless Tech Is 500 Times Faster Than Average 5G Smartphones

A technology demo carried out in Japan has shown a prototype wireless device reaching 100 Gbps data transfer speeds, which is 10 times faster than 5G at its peak, and 500 times faster than an average 5G smartphone.

Scientists simulated a black hole in a lab

The University of Amsterdam created the black hole event horizon to study the behaviour of a black hole in an controlled environment.

Why diversity in nature could be the key to mental wellbeing

Green spaces with high natural diversity have more mental health benefits than those with low natural diversity.

The James Webb Space Telescope Reveals Details of the Horsehead Nebula

Focused on the part of the sky where you can spot the constellation Orion on clear nights, the James Webb Space Telescope’s latest dispatch blinks in astonishing images from an area known as the Orion B molecular cloud.

Quantum leap: Scientists make light waves "stand still"

Scientists have discovered a novel method to manipulate light waves, using nanophotonics, deforming the photonic crystal that contains them.

Scientists Have Created a Functional Brain Cell Based on a Mix of Salt And Water

For the first time, researchers have simulated neurological junctions called synapses using the same water and salt ingredients the brain uses, contributing to an emerging field that combines biology with electronics called iontronics.

New evidence found for Planet 9

A small team of planetary scientists from U.S. reports possible new evidence of Planet 9.

Ancient Rocks Reveal Earth's Magnetic Field Existed 3.7 Billion Years Ago

Rocks that formed some 3.7 billion years ago in the early Archean have given us the earliest glimpse yet of Earth's magnetic field.

World-First: Woman Receives Combined Heart Pump And Kidney Transplant

Surgeons in the United States have transplanted a modified pig kidney into a living person for the second time, a hospital said Wednesday, celebrating an advance in animal-to-human organ transplants.

Large and persistent 2023 ozone hole closes

The 2023 ozone hole opened early and fast, becoming one of the largest on record in mid-September, and it’s one of the longest-lived observed to date. The causes of this behaviour point to climate change or volcanic emissions.

Marijuana Use Linked to Epigenetic Changes - News Center

Recent and long-term marijuana use is linked to changes in the human genome, a new study has found.

Orbiter Spots "Spiders" on Surface of Mars

These so called "spiders" are the result of a complex geological process that causes carbon dioxide to sublimate, digging up darker material from below the surface during the planet's spring.

56 Companies Responsible for Half of Tracable Global Plastic Pollution

A new study on plastic pollution in 84 countries has linked half of branded plastic pollution to only 56 firms, with about 24% of the plastic waste analyzed connected to only 5 companies Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Nestle, Danone and Altria.