Many black holes found in nearby globular cluster

Researchers using the Hubble Space Telescope observed one of the closest globulars to Earth – NGC 6397 and were surprised to find signs of multiple stellar-mass black holes.

Astronomers Discover Three New Globular Clusters in Milky Way

A duo of astronomers has spotted three new globular clusters in the Milky Way’s bulge, a 10,000-light-year-wide central structure made primarily of old stars, gas and dust.

1.7 billion suns in most detailed star catalogue ever

The European Space Agency’s Gaia spacecraft has produced the most accurate star catalogue ever assembled, including high-precision measurements of the brightness and positions of some 1.7 billion stars.

Ripples in fabric of space-time? Hundreds of undiscovered black holes

Computer simulations of a spherical collection of stars known as 'NGC 6101' reveal that it contains hundreds of black holes, until now thought impossible.