Toxic smog reaches ‘severe, emergency levels’ in India’s New Delhi

Poisonous particulate matter known as PM 2.5 hit 500 in some parts of New Delhi, with very poor visibility in some areas. Last year, the high was 450 on Dec 23. The recommended level of PM2.5 in western countries is 25.

India is trying to prevent apocalyptic air pollution

According to a study, stubble burning contributs up to 26 percent of the most harmful particulate matter to Delhi’s winter pollution and even as much as 50 percent on certain days during the burning season.

Air Pollution Has Turned New Delhi Into a ‘Veritable Gas Chamber’

Schools are closed, construction has halted, and vehicles have been restricted as levels of PM2.5 pollution spike in the Indian capital.

Delhi smog: Crop-burning adds to pollution

The Indian capital, Delhi, is experiencing its most dangerous levels of air pollution in years. In some areas, the level of air pollution is 10 times more than the recommended safe limit.