Zephyr solar powered unmanned aircraft’s 3 world records confirmed (+Video)

Zephyr, the solar powered unmanned plane’s already set record has been officially confirmed. The aircraft has been developed by the defense and research co

The top 8 future-tech stories of 2010

What will the future bring? We got a taste of what's to come in 2010. Join PCWorld's GeekTech blog as we take a look back at some of the hottest new tech of the past year.

Better control of building blocks for quantum computer

Scientists in the Netherlands have succeeded in controlling the building blocks of a future super-fast quantum computer. They are now able to manipulate these building blocks (qubits) with electrical rather than magnetic fields, as has been the common practice up till now. They have also been able to embed these qubits into semiconductor nanowires.

Google self-driving robot car is an innovation to note

Google has secretly been developing an autonomous, self-driving robot car. The company has driven their fleet of intelligent robot vehicles over 140,000 mi

Beauty of future airplanes is more than skin deep

A NASA research effort to visualize future passenger airplanes produces ideas dominated by familiar shapes but inspired by surprises underneath.