Virgin Galactic rocket plane flies to edge of space

Sir Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic space plane has conducted the first of three key test flights that should enable it to enter commercial service. Sir Richard has some 600 paying customers waiting to take the same ride.

Virgin Galactic Sends Three People to the Edge of Space

Virgin Galactic has reached another milestone in their fight test program. The flight took place on February 22nd and three people in the crew spent several weightless minutes aboard the spacecraft.

Virgin’s Unity spaceship sets a new altitude record of 52 kilometers

Virgin Galactic has been saying for some time that it will reach outer space this year, and on Thursday it came the closest it has ever gotten.

Virgin Galactic Carries Out Second Supersonic Test Flight

VSS Unity’s second successful, supersonic, rocket powered test flight. This is the second flight in two months for VSS Unity and it is getting very close to the final goal.

Virgin Galactic Spaceplane Makes First Powered Flight Since 2014 Disaster

Though just a test, it’s an important milestone for the Richard Branson-led company, which aims to eventually offer suborbital flights to space tourists.

New Virgin Galactic Spaceship Takes First Flight

Anchored to a carrier aircraft, Virgin SpaceShip Unity takes to the skies in Mojave, Calif.

How Virgin Galactic's new spaceship honors Stephen Hawking

Virgin Spaceship Unity, set to begin test flights next month, includes a very special nod to the theoretical physicist.

Virgin Galactic unveils its new spaceplane, VSS Unity

Virgin Galactic isn't giving up: in the company's biggest announcement since the tragedy, it's unveiled VSS Unity - a spacecraft it says will open up access to space for everyone.