Astronomers Find 25 Fast Radio Bursts That Keep Repeating

Of the over 1,000 FRBs detected to date, only 29 were identified as repeating. The nature of fast radio bursts is still unknown.

Physicists Claim Wormholes May Have Been Detected

A team of scientists from the University in Bulgaria say they have developed a novel new method that could help scientists differentiate between black holes and hypothetical wormholes.

NASA's Swift, Fermi Missions Detect Exceptional Cosmic Blast

Astronomers around the world are captivated by an unusually bright and long-lasting pulse of high-energy radiation that swept over Earth Sunday, Oct. 9. The emission came from a gamma-ray burst (GRB). Its cause is unknown.

A New FRB Signal Has Buzzed Nearly 2,000 Times in Two Months

The object, named FRB 20201124A, was detected with FAST telescope in China. We still don't know the souce of these signals from space. And this recent discovery just added more to the mystery.  

A Bizarre Radio Signal From Deep Space Has Been Detected

Not only was it very long, lasting about three seconds, but there were periodic peaks that were remarkably precise, emitting every fraction of a second – like a heartbeat. This is the first time the signal itself is periodic.

Mysterious Radio Structures Discovered Around The Brightest Quasar Ever

Astronomers have discovered two large, mysterious objects blasting out of the brightest black hole in the known Universe.

Unusual Pulsar Detected

The discovery of a neutron star emitting unusual radio signals is rewriting our understanding of these unique star systems.

Astronomers Discover a Star That Flashes Every 20 Minutes

Just 4,000 light-years from Earth is a strange, star-sized object. It’s been observed by radio telescopes, but astronomers aren’t sure what it is. They call it a long period transient.

Many Earth-Mass Rogue Planets Have Been Discovered In the Milky Way

Rogue planets are planets  that might be lurking in the vast dark between stars. With recent discoveries we’re getting closer to definitively saying that they do exist.

CHIME Detected Over 500 Fast Radio Burst in its First Year

The CHIME radio observatory detected over 500 Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) during its first year in operation. Before CHIME, there were less than 100 total discovered FRBs.

Milky Way's "Most Mysterious Star" Has a Companion

A mysteriously dimming star located about 1,480 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus and known as Tabby's star is, in fact, a binary stellar system, made up of a F-type star and a smaller red dwarf star.

A Mysterious Signal from Proxima Centauri

The signal appears to emanate from the direction of our neighboring star and cannot yet be dismissed as Earth-based interference, raising the very faint prospect that it is a transmission from extraterrestrial intelligence.

Milky Way magnetar likely source of fast radio burst

Until now, the source of Fast Radio Bursts was a mystery. Now astronomers at multiple institutions have pinpointed the FRB spotted in the Milky Way and conclude it most likely was generated by a magnetar.

Unexpected Mysterious Circular Objects in Space

Four of these strange objects have been detected and an international team of astronomers has nicknamed them ORCs - short for "Odd Radio Circles". All four are only visible in radio wavelengths.

Massive star disappears without a trace

Can a massive star collapse into a black hole without first exploding in a supernova blast? That’s at least one explanation for the disappearance of a star 2.5 mil times brighter than the sun in a dwarf galaxy 75 mil light years away.