British wind farms had a record-breaking day

On the 18th of December, 2020 the wintry weather set a record in Britain as more than 40% of that day’s electricity was generated on wind farms. Less than one-fifth of the day’s electricity came from coal plants and gas.

Wind meets Denmark's 100% power demand on Sep 15

The strong winds spurred production from wind turbines and helped supply 130% of the country's electricity demand from midnight to midnight last Sunday. The excess power was sold abroad.

Scotland produced enough wind energy for double its homes

In the first half of 2019, Scottish wind generated enough electricity to power the equivalent of 4.47 million homes, almost double the number of homes there.

US renewable capacity surpasses coal power for first time

A new report shows there was more biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar and wind capacity installed on the US grid in April 2019 than plants set up to burn the fossil fuel.

Sweden to reach its 2030 renewables target 12 years early

By the end of this year, Sweden will have added enough capacity to reach its 2030 target of 18 terawatt hours of new renewable energy output 12 years early.

Global wind and solar capacity smashes 1,000 gigawatt barrier

The world has now installed more than 1,000 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar power, according to fresh data analysis.

Germany powers through 2018 with 42% renewables record

Germany has set a new record for renewable power production during the first six months of 2018.

From China to Brazil, these are the world titans of wind power

China, USA, Germany, India, Spain, UK, France, Brazil, Canada and Italy are the countries with the largest cumulative capacity according to the Global Wind Report for 2017.

Portugal is showing that ambitious renewable energy goals are within reach

Portugal's electricity consumption was met fully by renewable energy for a 70-hour period beginning on March 9 and for a 69-hour period beginning on March 12.

Scottish wind power has record-breaking start to the year

Onshore wind farms in Scotland have posted a record-level of electricity generation for the start of the year.

Australia’s solar energy capacity could almost double in one year

Industry analysts said the country’s solar energy capacity could nearly double in a single year thanks to large-scale solar farms and a record-breaking month of rooftop installations.

Europe sets wind energy record

New figures show Europe added record levels of wind power last year.

Tesla to create biggest virtual power plant in the world

The new project in South Australia is using Tesla’s residential battery system, the Powerwall, to create decentralized energy storage, which results in creating a massive virtual power plant.

Record-breaker: British wind power output tops 10GW

Wind power has set a new record in the UK, topping 10GW of output for the first time according to the latest data.

India’s Wind Energy Generation Up 35% In Q3 2017

According to data released by the Indian government, wind energy generation in the country jumped 35% in Q3 2017 compared to the preceding quarter.