Europe's largest solar power project is underway in Portugal

The facility will generate energy that is equivalent to 370 million cubic meters of gas per year.

Portugal is showing that ambitious renewable energy goals are within reach

Portugal's electricity consumption was met fully by renewable energy for a 70-hour period beginning on March 9 and for a 69-hour period beginning on March 12.

104% of Portugal’s electricity consumption in March came from renewables

The country’s monthly clean energy production exceeded demand, according to a report.

Portugal Kids Reach Crowdfunding Goal for Climate Lawsuit against EU

As Portugal reels from its worst wildfires on record, seven Portuguese children have met an important crowdfunding goal for their major climate lawsuit against 47 European nations.

Yet another country to phase out coal, and other good news

Portuguese environment minister João Pedro Matos Fernandes has confirmed that his country will stop burning coal by 2030 at the latest.

Solar-powered Floatwing home in Portugal generates a year's worth of energy in just six months

The Portuguese design firm developed the beautiful self-sufficient home, which was created with a focus on energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials.

Wind power generation in Portugal exceeds electricity consumption

The wind power generated in Portugal reached Tuesday, 29 December, a new high of 4,210 megawatts, exceeding national electricity consumption for the first time.