Planet-hunting TESS spacecraft finds exoplanet smaller than Earth

The exoplanet is orbiting a small star 35 light years from Earth and is about 80 percent the size of Earth. It orbits its host sun, an M dwarf known as L 98-59, every 2.25 days.

TESS finds its first Earth-size planet

The planet-hunting TESS spacecraft has found its first Earth-size planet orbiting a star located about 53 light years away. The star, HD 21749a, also hosts at least one other world, a warm “sub-Neptune” planet.

First exoplanets discovered by NASA’s TESS mission

The three confirmed planets discovered so far using TESS are all within 100 light-years of our solar system, substantially closer than the nearly 2,700 validated worlds detected using Kepler.

Over 100 new exoplanets discovered

Japanese scientists utilized a mix of ground and space based telescopes and revealed over 100 new extrasolar planets.

TESS telescope discovers two new planets five months after launch

NASA's TESS, made an early discovery of "super-Earth" and "hot Earth" planets in solar systems at least 49 light-years away, marking the satellite's first discovery since its April launch.

NASA's TESS Spacecraft Has Begun Its Search for Faraway Planets

NASA’s newest exoplanet-hunting spacecraft has started taking scientific data as of last week, according to a NASA release.

Nearly 80 exoplanet candidates identified in a record time

Scientists have analyzed data from K2, the follow-up mission to NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, and have discovered a trove of possible exoplanets amid some 50,000 stars.

TESS planet hunter snaps test photo showing 200,000 stars

Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite – TESS – has snapped a stunning test photo showing an estimated 200,000 stars cantered on the southern constellation Centaurus.

Space Telescopes That Could Fly by the 2030s

With the recent launch of TESS and the JWST scheduled to launch by 2020 - a lot of attention has been focused on the next-generation space telescopes that will be taking to space in the coming years.

NASA Planet Hunter on Its Way to Orbit

NASA’s Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) has launched on the first-of-its-kind mission to find worlds beyond our solar system, including some that could support life.

NASA Tess spacecraft to prowl for planets as galactic scout

Set to lift off early next week, the Tess spacecraft will prowl for planets around the closest, brightest stars. These newfound worlds will become prime targets for future telescopes looking to tease out any signs of life.

8 Space Reasons to Look up in 2017

Everything from meteor showers and eclipses to epic space missions and more, 2017 will be worth looking up for and forward too.