Exoplanet with a tail: a hot Jupiter looks like a giant comet

We don’t usually think of planets as having tails, like comets, but sometimes they do. One giant hot Jupiter exoplanet WASP-69b has a tail of gas much longer than previously estimated.

Astronomers make rare exoplanet discovery

Astronomers have made the rare discovery of a small, cold exoplanet and its massive outer companion -- shedding light on the formation of planets like Earth.

Exoplanet LHS 3154 b seems way too big for its tiny star

The nearly Neptune-sized planet LHS 3154 b orbits close to a very small star and challenges theories of how planets form.

Synchronized Dance of a 6-Planet System

Six planets orbit their central star in a rhythmic beat, a rare case of an “in sync” gravitational lockstep that could offer deep insight into planet formation and evolution.

Super Hefty Exoplanet Is Denser Than Steel, Scientists Say

A newly discovered exoplanet has characteristics so peculiar that astronomers think it must have experienced a giant collision some time in its past.

Newly Discovered World Challenges Our Understanding of Planets

TOI-4860b happens to orbit a tiny star, completing each lap in just 1.52 days. It joins a small number of worlds that pose a fascinating puzzle - there are currently no known formation pathways for such chonkin' planets around such small stars.

Two rare super-Mercuries discovered in the same star system

While observing the star system HD 23472 , researchers found three super-Earths and two super-Mercuries. This type last of exoplanet is still very rare—counting these two, there are only eight known super-Mercuries.