Massive 'eyeball' exoplanet looking like perfect candidate for alien life

Researchers at the University of Montreal believe a vast ocean on exoplanet LHS 1140 b may be teeming with alien life.

Exoplanet art lets you visualize alien worlds

Martin Vargic illustrated more than 1,100 exoplanets based on astronomical discoveries. His art is a attempt to artistically visualize and compare thousands of exoplanets of all types and sizes according to observational data. 

Planet hunters unveil massive catalog of strange worlds

A NASA catalog featuring 126 exotic, newly discovered worlds includes detailed measurements that allow for comparisons with our own solar system.

Squeezed by neighbors, planet glows with molten lava

Astrophysicists discovered that an exoplanet is covered with so many active volcanoes that seen from a distance it would take on a fiery, glowing-red hue.

A 'Perfect Tidal Storm' Is Making This Newly Discovered Planet Glow

Exoplanet TOI-6713.01 experiences 10 million times more tidal energy than Io, resulting in a 2,300 degrees Celsius surface temperature. This means the planet literally glows at optical wavelengths.

Exoplanet with a tail: a hot Jupiter looks like a giant comet

We don’t usually think of planets as having tails, like comets, but sometimes they do. One giant hot Jupiter exoplanet WASP-69b has a tail of gas much longer than previously estimated.

Astronomers make rare exoplanet discovery

Astronomers have made the rare discovery of a small, cold exoplanet and its massive outer companion -- shedding light on the formation of planets like Earth.

Exoplanet LHS 3154 b seems way too big for its tiny star

The nearly Neptune-sized planet LHS 3154 b orbits close to a very small star and challenges theories of how planets form.

Synchronized Dance of a 6-Planet System

Six planets orbit their central star in a rhythmic beat, a rare case of an “in sync” gravitational lockstep that could offer deep insight into planet formation and evolution.

Super Hefty Exoplanet Is Denser Than Steel, Scientists Say

A newly discovered exoplanet has characteristics so peculiar that astronomers think it must have experienced a giant collision some time in its past.

Newly Discovered World Challenges Our Understanding of Planets

TOI-4860b happens to orbit a tiny star, completing each lap in just 1.52 days. It joins a small number of worlds that pose a fascinating puzzle - there are currently no known formation pathways for such chonkin' planets around such small stars.

Two rare super-Mercuries discovered in the same star system

While observing the star system HD 23472 , researchers found three super-Earths and two super-Mercuries. This type last of exoplanet is still very rare—counting these two, there are only eight known super-Mercuries.