Blue Origin Will Finally Fly Passengers to Space in July

Blue Origin recently announced they are planning to conduct the first crewed flight with the New Shepard by July 20th. In addition to the Blue Origin astronaut crew, one seat is being set aside for a commercial passenger.

Blue Origin Is Very Close To Flying Humans To Space

Blue Origin says it is “very, very close” to flying humans on suborbital launches to the edge of space after a successful test flight of a human-capable rocket and capsule last Thursday.

Thousands of Amazon employees call to tackle climate change

In an unprecedented public push to change Amazon policies, nearly 4,500 employees have put their names to a letter asking CEO Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos and its board of directors to become global leaders in fighting climate change.

Blue Origin aims to fly humans late in 2019

Unlike some previous test missions, Wednesday's New Shepard flight followed the same profile that space tourists will take. But The company has yet to begin selling tickets for the six-person capsule.

Blue Origin Will Begin Selling Suborbital Tickets in 2019

However, eager spacegoers may want to reconsider rushing to fly. So far, Blue Origin has only flown its New Shepard vehicles eight times with its first launch in April 2015 proving testy.

Why Amazon Go is a no-go as we will drown in a sea of plastic

Even the fruits and vegetables are wrapped in plastic so that the sensors can read them, inculcating a culture of convenience and waste.

First look inside the Amazon Spheres

The Spheres is a new and very unique work space for Amazon workers in Seattle, US. The three glass domes are an indoor garden that house 400 species of plants from around the world.

Blue Origin Tests Its New Vehicle

Another step closer to the start of space tourism. This version of the six-seat tourist vehicle, Crew Capsule 2.0, notably included windows.

Take a Peek Inside Blue Origin's New Shepard Crew Capsule

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos provided a sneak peek today into the interior of the New Shepard crew capsule, the suborbital vehicle for space tourism.

Jeff Bezos dismisses idea of a backup plan, says we must protect Earth

Bezos has talked about moving heavy industry off planet Earth to create a garden paradise on our home planet.

Bezos' Capsule Passes Parachute Failure Test

Future tests will put the New Shepard spacecraft through more rigors before people fly aboard.

Blue Origin Wants To Kick Off Commercial Space Tourism By 2018

There are many private space companies out there that want to start commercial space tourism but Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ wants to lead the pack. Bezos has said that Blue Origin expects to take tourists up to space as soon as 2018.