Physicists Claim Wormholes May Have Been Detected

A team of scientists from the University in Bulgaria say they have developed a novel new method that could help scientists differentiate between black holes and hypothetical wormholes.

Do black holes have a back door?

A recent study by researchers at the Institute of Corpuscular Physics in Valencia suggests that matter might in fact survive its foray into these space objects and come out the other side.

Wormholes Might Burrow Through Black Hole Cores

Remove the singularity and a wormhole appears in the center of a black hole -- but is it traversable?

Five ways to travel through time

Travel to the past is probably impossible. But the future is a different story.

Scientists in Spain create first ever "magnetic wormhole" in lab

  • 28 Jan 2016

A device was designed capable of transmitting the magnetic field from one point in space to another.

A Crazy New Theory Suggests That Our Galaxy Is A Giant Worm Hole

An international team of scientists have crunched the numbers and discovered something straight out of science-fiction: They claim that the center of our galaxy could host a giant wormhole.

Wormhole Wonders: Hunting Down Spacetime Shortcuts

Science fiction literature is full of stories in which tunnels in space-time known as wormholes are used for time travel. How much fact lies within the fiction? The answer is, more than you might think.

Our universe at home within a larger Universe? So suggests physicist's wormhole research

Could our universe be located within the interior of a wormhole which itself is part of a black hole that lies within a much larger universe?

Scientists investigate the possibility of wormholes between stars

( -- Wormholes are one of the stranger objects that arise in general relativity. Although no experimental evidence for wormholes exists, scientists predict that they would appear to serve as shortcuts between one point of spacetime and another. Scientists usually imagine wormholes connecting regions of empty space, but now a new study suggests that wormholes might exist between distant stars. Instead of being empty tunnels, these wormholes would contain a perfect fluid that flows back and forth between the two stars, possibly giving them a detectable signature.