Bizarre solar wind dramatically ballooned atmosphere of Mars

The scientists made a startling observation when they observed that the atmosphere of Mars dramatically ballooned outwards because of a void created due to a powerful gust of solar wind.

New study finds lunar swirls linked to topography

Every lunar swirl identified to date coincides with a magnetic field over the lunar surface, which scientists think deflects solar particles. There also seems to be a connection between lunar swirls and lava tubes buried beneath them.

NASA supercomputer makes predictions to give time to prepare for solar storms

The model uses AI to analyze spacecraft measurements of the solar wind and predict where an impending solar storm will strike, anywhere on Earth, with 30 minutes of warning. This could provide just enough time to prepare for these storms.

Water From The Sun Has Been Found on The Moon

A new analysis of dust retrieved from the Moon suggests that water bound up in the lunar surface could originate with the Sun.

Parker Solar Probe and the birth of the solar wind

This summer, humanity embarks on its first mission to touch the Sun: A spacecraft will be launched into the Sun's outer atmosphere.