NASA will use Falcon Heavy To Build Lunar Gateway

Lunar Gateway will be an orbiting habitat that will allow astronauts to make regular trips to and from the lunar surface. NASA has signed a contract with SpaceX to launch modules of the Gateway aboard a a Falcon Heavy rocket in 2024. 

Elon Musk's SpaceX lifts 24 satellites into orbit after 'most difficult launch'

A SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket blasted off on Tuesday, putting 24 experimental satellites into orbit. The two side booster rockets returned safely to Earth, but the rocket’s center booster missed its mark, crashing in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX's New Rocket Ready for First Flight

If successful, Falcon Heavy will be the most powerful working rocket in use, the rocket that could go to Mars.

The spaceflight stuff we’re most anticipating in 2018

Among the key spaceflight milestones we're most eager to see in 2018 are - Falcon Heavy flies, Block 5 booster, LightSail 2 and launching to Mars.

Elon Musk Drops Animation of World's Most Powerful Rocket

The Falcon Heavy—which it’s touting as “the world’s most powerful rocket”—will be able to lift over 54 metric tons into orbit. It has three first-stage boosters that will be entirely reusable.