Washington, U.S. to allow composting human bodies

This week, Washington Governor signed a bill to allow the composting of human remains within the state. It is the only state in the US—and possibly the only government in the world—to explicitly allow "natural organic reduction" of human remains.

Liquid Cremation May Be the Best Way to Sustainable Burial

California, US legislators are considering a bill that would allow state funeral homes to start dissolving bodies in a chemical bath by 2020.

Decomposing Bodies Are Altering Earth's Chemistry

Bodies that are buried or cremated leach essential nutrients into ground. But human funerary practices mean they are being concentrated in cemeteries instead of being dispersed evenly throughout nature.

We Can Turn Cremated Remains of Loved Ones into Blossoming Coral Reefs

Forget the gloom and doom of crowded graveyards – you can know turn the ashes of your loved ones into a blossoming coral reef under the sea.

Twinkling cemetery would turn Manhattan Bridge into a final resting place for the departed

A unique new proposal introduced by Columbia University offers up an alternative way to honor the deceased by transforming the undercarriage of the Manhattan Bridge into a twinkling graveyard.

Mushroom-Lined Burial Suit Offers Ultimate Composting

The Infinity Burial Suit started as a concept by artist and MIT researcher Jae Rhim Lee, who was concerned about the environmental impacts of traditional burial methods.