12 Minutes of Exercise Can Change Biomarkers in Your Blood

Short bursts of exercise have more of an impact on our bodies than you might think: a new study shows that just 12 minutes of intense activity is enough to significantly change the biomarkers of metabolic health in people's blood.

Physical activity prevents almost 4 million early deaths each year

At least 3.9 million early deaths are being averted worldwide every year by people being physically active, according to a new study using data from 168 countries. 

Exercise increases brain size, new research finds

Aerobic exercise can improve memory function and maintain brain health as we age, a new Australian-led study has found.

Being active saves lives

Whether a gym workout, walking to work or washing the floor - physical activity of any kind can prevent heart disease and death, says a large international study involving more than 130,000 people from 17 countries.

Prepare Yourself for the Age of 'Superaging'

As lifespans continue to get longer it's becoming more important than ever to understand how humanity will maintain its mental capabilities in old age.

MRI scans show that running may affect the structure and function of the brain

Runners' brains appear to have greater functional connectivity than non-runners' brains, according to new research.

Multifaceted genetic impact of training

Endurance training changes the activity of thousands of genes and give rise to a multitude of altered DNA-copies, RNA, researchers report.