This electric aircraft could jump-start the future of flight

A U.S. company sends the largest zero-emissions airplane yet on its first flight. These electric commercial aircraft will enable the offering of flying services of people and packages in a way previously not possible.

The Future of Aviation Will Be Greener and Faster Than Ever Before

Companies large and small are working on cleaning up the skies with electric airplanes, bringing back supersonic travel, and even flirting with the edge of space to transport passengers across the world.

Airlander gets production approval in USA

This hybrid hyper-efficient aircraft could be the future of low-carbon travel, being pushed through the skies by four little diesel engines in the present configuration, but which can be replaced with electric motors.

Engineers fly first-ever plane with no moving parts

Instead of propellers or turbines, the light aircraft is powered by an 'ionic wind' - a silent but mighty flow of ions that is produced aboard the plane, and that generates enough thrust to propel the plane.

Electric Plane Startup, JetBlue, Gets Its First 100 Orders

This electric plane startup has just received its first order from a California-based jet charter company – and critics believe that it may usher in a whole new era of sustainable air travel in the United States.

By 2020 The Biggest Airplane Taxis Could Be Launching Rockets

In 2011, Stratolaunch Systems was founded with a simple goal: to reduce the costs of rocket launches by creating the world’s largest air-launch-to-orbit system. Recently, their aircraft reached a major milestone.

The E-Fan X jet heralds an electric passenger plane revolution

The E-Fan X will offer partially electric powered flights that are cheaper, quieter, and more sustainable.

Lowering carbon footprint in the aviation industry

Creating lighter yet powerful engines is just one way the aviation industry is trying to reduce its environmental impact.

Companies join efforts to build hybrid plane

The companies said they were looking ahead to the European Union's long-term goals of reducing CO2 emissions from aviation by 60 percent.

A Supercomputer Dreamed Up a Bird-Like Airplane Wing

Inspired by evolution in nature, Danish engineers used supercomputing to design a wing structure that resembles the interior of a bird’s wing or beak.

All-electric plane with 600-mile range

A member of NASA’s on-demand mobility program recently unveiled the first prototype of an all-electric aircraft. The prototype could be ready to move into commercialization next year.

China's new solar-powered drone could stay in the air for months

China's largest unmanned solar-powered aircraft just set a domestic record by reaching an altitude of more than 20,000 meters during a test flight.

Future of Air Travel: Electric Planes and Flying Cars

Major aerospace companies are now moving to develop the future of flight with electric planes, self-driving taxis and personal flying vehicles.

New Electric Records Ratified

Walter Extra, the famous aerobatic pilot behind the Extra series of aerobatic planes, has set a FAI world record in the new field of electric-powered planes.