New Approach to Finding Extraterrestrial Life

A new study argues that our best chances of using atmospheres to find evidence of life is to broaden our search from focusing on planets like our own to include those with a hydrogen atmosphere.

Astronomers Detect Iron and Titanium on an Exoplanet for the First Time

Scientists directly observed the signal of iron and titanium atoms in the atmosphere of an exoplanet 600 light-years from Earth, a new paper reports.

UK astronomers find exoplanets with sodium, helium in atmospheres

A team of researchers, using Europe’s Very Large Telescope in Chile, has found an exoplanet, WASP-96b, with a cloud-free atmosphere, allowing them to detect sodium in levels similar to abundances on Earth.

Scientists detected helium in an exoplanet's atmosphere for the first time

WASP-107, the star around which WASP-107b orbits every six days, is so powerful that it is gradually dissolving the exoplanet’s atmosphere. As a result, WASP-107b leaves a comet-like trail of helium in its wake.

Hubble Detects Exoplanet with Glowing Water Atmosphere

Scientists have discovered the strongest evidence to date for a stratosphere on a planet outside our solar system.