Ethiopia's PM wins Nobel peace prize

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded Friday to a dynamic young African leader Abiy Ahmed, whose sweeping reforms and surprising embrace of a bitter rival have been praised as an inspiration to the continent.

The world has become more peaceful

Although the war in Syria is in its eighth year, statisticians have established that the world is becoming increasingly peaceful. Their data are derived from a war database that contains information about all wars dating back to 1800.

Building tolerance for other cultures starts in the classroom

Hate crimes in large cities have increased since 2014, but schools offer a place where students can gain a better understanding of people in other lands and cultures and learn to empathize with them.

Being transgender is not a mental disorder, WHO decides

In a historic decision, the World Health Organization (WHO) has decided to no longer classify transgender people as mentally ill. The declassification should lead to less stigma.

New Zealand to house country's entire homeless population

New Zealand's government has vowed to get the country's entire homeless population off the streets before winter hits the country next month.

Meet Pakistan's First Transgender News Anchor

Marvia Malik is breaking ground as her country rallies to combat discrimination.

Cultural tolerance and its importance

The key to respect, acceptance and appreciation of our forms of expression, our ways of being human and of our rich diversity within cultures, is tolerance.

Platform to promote culture of tolerance to be based in Malta

An international platform prompted by increased threats of extremism, racial intolerance and intellectual violence is being launched today in Malta.

Teaching kids to identify individual black people can reduce racial bias

Now an international team of researchers suggests one way to reduce racial bias in kids is by teaching them to identify individual faces of those of other races.

Artist Creates Dolls With Skin Conditions So People Will Love Their Differences

These dolls serve as beautiful reminders of how their owners are beautiful, too – no matter their physical condition or appearance.

How tolerance enhances democracy and the quest for human flourishing

Schools and universities have a responsibility to protect students from hate speech while also exposing them to views that disrupt their ways of thinking and ideas of the world.

Former White Supremacists are Helping Others to Renounce Their Extremism

Life After Hate is a nonprofit that employs former neo-Nazis and white supremacists to help others renounce their extremism and hateful lifestyles.

Barack Obama Delivers Speech On "Tolerance" In Indonesia

Obama: “If we don’t stand up for tolerance and moderation and respect for others, then much of the progress that we have made will not continue”

First Asian Country Rules in Favor of Same-sex Marriage

Though the actual legislation is yet to be created, the highest court of the nation has recognized same-sex marriage as a constitutional right.

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with UAE's Minister of Tolerance

UAE Minister of Tolerance H.E. Sheikha Lubna Al Qasimi says everyone including diplomats, clergymen and ministers have been consulted with to set up a program to promote tolerance.