Astronomers Find 70 Planets Without Stars In Our Galaxy

Using telescopes from around the world, a team of astronomers recently discovered 70 additional free-floating planets (FFPs), the largest sample of “Rogue Planets” discovered to date in the Milky Way.

Huge Planet Orbiting its Star at 6,000 Times the Earth-Sun Distance

That incredible distance made the original discoverers of the planet back in 2011 think it was “rogue”. But a new research shows that the planet is in fact gravitationally bound to a star, just as an absurdly far distance. 

Many Earth-Mass Rogue Planets Have Been Discovered In the Milky Way

Rogue planets are planets  that might be lurking in the vast dark between stars. With recent discoveries we’re getting closer to definitively saying that they do exist.

An Earth-Mass Planet Without A Star Found

Once a star left the gravitational embrace of its solar system, its pretty much destined to drift through interstellar space forever. Astronomers call these drifters “rogue planets” and one of them have been found recently.