First-ever successful mind-controlled robotic arm without brain implants

Using a noninvasive brain-computer interface (BCI), researchers have developed the first-ever successful mind-controlled robotic arm exhibiting the ability to continuously track and follow a computer cursor.

Japan Develops Dual-Arm Remote Control Construction Robot

Researchers at Osaka University have developed a prototype robot with a double swing arm mechanism and hydraulically powered 'hands'.

This Intelligent 3D Printer Is Building Big, Beautiful Structures

A London-based startup, aims to pave the way to 3D printing on large scales. The company is equipping industrial-grade Kuka robotic arms with artificial intelligence and "3D printing guns" to 3D print large structures.

Robotic arms for the kitchen

Moley Robotics is developing robotic arms that can cook recipes the way the chef intended. The Moley Kitchen can mimic the movements of famous chefs, allowing users to download recipes.

In a first, brain computer interface helps paralyzed man feel again

Imagine being in an accident that leaves you unable to feel any sensation in your arms and fingers. Now imagine regaining that sensation, a decade later, through a mind-controlled robotic arm that is directly connected to your brain.

Scientists developing robotic hand of the future

Researchers in Spain are working to create a robotic hand that can reproduce the abilities and movements of a human hand in order to achieve the optimal manipulation of objects.

Coming soon? The 100-million-dollar robotic arm

Within six months the military plans to begin implanting microchips on the surface of patients' brains to study a prosthetic robotic arm controlled by the user's thoughts, via the chip.