A planet that should not exist

Astronomers detected a giant planet orbiting a small star. The red dwarf GJ 3512 is located 30 light-years from us. The planet has much more mass than theoretical models predict.

Two Earth-Like Worlds Found Only 12.5 Light-Years Away

An international team of researchers recently detected two new Earth-like planets orbiting Teegarden’s Star, an M-type (red dwarf) star located just 12.5 light-years from the Solar System in the direction of the Aries constellation.

An exoplanet that orbits its star from pole to pole.

GJ436, a red dwarf located about 33 light-years from Earth has a planet that behaves very much like a comet. And according to a recent study this planet also has a very peculiar orbit.

Closest temperature world orbiting quiet star discovered

A team working with HARPS in Chile has found that the red dwarf star Ross 128 is orbited by a low-mass exoplanet every 9.9 days. The exoplanet is expected to be with a surface temperature close to that of Earth.

Another Possible Exoplanet Discovered

A new study has indicated that the Gliese 832 system (located just 16 light-years away) may have a third exoplanet.

Exotic Star System Discovered via Spacetime Warp

Two red dwarfs and their accompanying gas giant were discovered through a microlensing event -- but their true nature could only be confirmed by Hubble.