Neuroscientists Discover New Kind of Signal in the Human Brain

Scientists have uncovered a new kind of electrical process in the human brain that could play a key role in the unique way our brains compute.Researchers have discovered that certain cells in the human cortex transmit signals in a way not seen before.

Here's Where Consciousness Exists Inside the Brain

Scientists have pinpointed a network of three specific regions in the brain that appear to be crucial to consciousness.

Scientists find the brain's generosity center

Scientists from Oxford University and UCL have identified part of our brain that helps us learn to be good to other people. The subgenual anterior cingulate part of the brain seems to be especially tuned to benefiting other people.

New multi-coloured brain map is 'most accurate yet'

A team of neuroscientists, computer specialists and engineers release what they say could be the most accurate map yet of the brain, discovering 100 new regions of the brain in the process.