Mauna Kea had a million earthquakes over 20 years

Mauna Kea is classified as a dormant shield volcano. An U.S. team has found evidence that it has experienced over 1 million deep, long-period earthquakes over the past 19 years. 

In death of dinosaurs, it was all about the asteroid

Volcanic activity did not play a direct role in the mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs, according to an international team of researchers. It was all about the asteroid.

What happens under the Yellowstone Volcano

Recent study shows that beneath the Yellowstone volcano lies a so-called mantle plume: a chimney-like structure that reaches thousands of kilometres deep to the border of the Earth's core and mantle.

Scientists Witness the Birth of a Submarine Volcano for the First Time

Thanks to the international researchers, a baby submarine volcano roughly 2,630 feet high and as wide as 3 miles has been spotted 2 miles beneath the waves of the Indian ocean.

Indonesia's angry 'Child of Krakatoa' rumbles on

The volcano that triggered a deadly tsunami in Indonesia late Saturday emerged from the sea around the legendary Krakatoa 90 years ago and has been on a high-level eruption watchlist for the past decade.

Climate change could trigger volcanic eruptions across the world

Besides having a disastrous impact on sea levels and weather, a warming climate could also trigger catastrophic volcanic eruptions across the planet.

Fuego volcano erupts in Guatemala

Reports have emerged of multiple fatalities in the wake of an eruption of the Fuego volcano in Guatemala. Plumes of black smoke have forced evacuations and the closure of the country’s international airport.

Hawaii Kilauea's Fast-Moving Lava

The hottest and fastest-moving lava of Kilauea volcano’s latest eruption spread across new parts of the Big Island Wednesday, forcing officials to order evacuations.

See The Fury Of Hawaii's Latest Volcanic Eruptions

Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island has come alive with earthquakes and fresh lava flow.

Scientists Use Drones to Create World First 3D Map of Volcano

Using high-precision cameras mounted to an aerial drone researchers from Scotland captured the volcano in hundreds of aerial photographs to later create a 3D map of the volcano’s surface.

The world's biggest volcano is a magnetic mix-up

Five weeks of mapping at sea suggests two possible origins for the underwater Tamu Massif.